Woef Side Story

Opening night Woef Side Story: 23 December 2017 Schouwburg , Rotterdam

For this production Daan received a Musical Award Nomination: Best Choreography.


Romeo and Juliet “doggy style”! The cool street dog Toto and the gorgeous pedigree dog Marina are in love. But in a world where everyone is classified in upper and lower class, their love can not exist. Is the love of Toto and Marina strong enough?


Sylvia Poorta, Dick van den Toorn, Steyn de Leeuwe, Martin Snip, Kim van Zeben, Marius Mensink, Desi van Doeveren, Roel Dirven, Laus Steenbeeke, Charlene Sancho, Danny Westerweel and Daisy Hagendoorn


Director, Regisseur – Pieter Kramer
Script – Don Duyns
Script – Arjan Ederveen
Choreographer – Daan Wijnands
Lyrics – Alex Klaasen
Arrangements – Fons Merkies
Musical director – Boudewijn Ruigrok
Assistant director – Esther Habbema
Set design – Niek Kortekaas
Costume design – Sabine Snijders
Hair & Make-up – Cynthia van der Linden
Puppets – Erik Bosman, Tamar Stalenhoef
Production – Theater Rotterdam


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