Sunset Boulevard

Opening night October 10, 2008 Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam


… “Even in the innovative choreographies, that are danced by the ensemble, they each have their own character.” … (Volkskrant – Henk van Gelder)


Star Actress Norma Desmond is a true Hollywood star. Norma lives in her huge mansion on Sunset Boulevard. Forgotten by its audience, but still under the delusion that she belongs to the greats, Norma dreams of her comeback as a movie star. By chance she meets the young, penniless screenwriter Joe Gillis. They need each other to make their Hollywood dreams come true. Slowly Joe and Norma grow to one and other. Is it love or pure self-interest? Can they bring together a happy ending? Unfortunately, even Hollywood stars do not always get what they want …

Sunset Boulevard is one of the best musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on the famous film by Billy Wilder. The beautiful music of this musical is also known by the world famous rendition of “As If We Never Said Goodbye” by Barbra Streisand. The film received 11 Oscar nominations and the Broadway production with Glenn Close won no less than seven Tony Awards.


Simone Kleinsma – Norma Desmond
Pia Douwes – Norma Desmond
Antonie Kamerling – Joe Gillis
Maike Boerdam – Betty Schaeffer
Peter de Smet – Max von Mayerling
Jasper Cemetery – Artie Green
Dick Schaar – Cecil B. DeMille
Derek Blok – Myron, Manfred, Myron
Paul Disbergen – Sheldrake
Anne Delien – Katherine
Norman Huut – Hogeye, Morino
Mo Marcus – Heather, Liz
John ter Riet – Jones, Sammy
Rolf van Rijsbergen – Creditor, John
Dieter Spileers – Adam, New Writer
Annemieke van der Veer – Mary
Bertine Verbeek – Anita
Penny Vos – Joanna
Willemijn de Vries – Lisa
Kelvin Wormgoor – Creditor, Cliff
Jorien Zeevaart – Dawn
Suzanne de Heij – Swing
Richard Janssen – Swing
Caroline Keller – Swing
Bas Timmers – Swing


Music – Andrew Lloyd Webber
Script and lyrics – Christopher Hampton
Script and lyrics – Don Black
Director – Paul Eenens
Translation – Daniel Cohen
Choreography / Musical Staging – Daan Wijnands & Stanley Burleson
Musical Director – Robbert van Steijn
Set Design – Misjel Vermeiren & Carla Janssen Höfelt
Lighting Design – Uri Rapaport
Costume Design – Yan Tax
Sound Design – Jeroen ten Brinke
Assistant Sound Design – Jeroen Bas
Props – Rob Snoek
Casting – Sieta Keizer & Marianne Wijnkoop
Wigs / Makeup – Sjoerd Didden
Technical Supervision – Henk van Gilpen
Associate producer – Margreet Wieringa
Producer: Stage Entertainment

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