Opening night: October 27th 2013 Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht
Opening night in De La Mar February 8th 2015


“Sonneveld” is a musical play about the life of Wim Sonneveld. Just before Wim’s first heart attack, at the age of 56, Wim picks up a hitchhiker who brings him to the hospital. When Wim wakes up he does not accept that the great Sonneveld had almost fallen. During three days in hospital, he is confronted by the hitchhker with his youth, relationships and work. Together with his contemporaries Conny Stuart, Huub Jansen and Friso Wiegersma who were very important in his life.


Tony Neef – Wim Sonneveld
Mariska van Kolck – Conny Stuart
Cindy Bell – Lifter
Jan Elbertse / Bill van Dijk – Hubb Janssen
Thomas Cammaert / Freek Bartels – Friso Wiegersma
Sandra Jonkman – Joantine Sonneveld


Bernd van den Bos: Musical director / piano
Richard Veltman: Drums & percussion
Bart van Osch: Guitar & bass


Director: Eddy Habbema
Script: Pieter van de Waterbeemd
Musical supervision: Ad van Dijk
Staging: Daan Wijnands
Set design: Jos Groenier
Light design: Luc Peumans
Costume design: Maya Schröder
Wigs and hair: Leendert van Nimwegen
Sound design: Peter van Kruining
Assistant director: Esther Habbema
Technical supervision: Lykle Hemminga
Head technician: Paul-Folkert Koolstra
Executive Producer: Wendy Verhappen
Producer: Albert Verlinde & Jeroen Dona

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