Simone, songbook

Opening night: 6 December 2010 DeLaMar Theatre, Amsterdam

‘Songbook’ is a brand new, stylish, swinging and moving personality show!  Simone’s Songbook gives the audience a glimpse into the musical soul of a unique personality in a contemporary theater show full of little songs and great songs. Simone sings as only she can, plenty of listening songs, pop, cabaret, musical and pure showbiz. With very personal interpretations of famous Dutch and international numbers and as a first – especially for this new program –  for Simone written and composed new repertoire.

Simone Kleinsma: “There’s a lot of new songs on my show. Songwriter André Breedland has expressed this beautifully in the specially for me written song , “Ik wil wonen in de tonen van een lied.” (“I want to live in the tones of a song”) This sentence gives me everything I have with music and what music does to me. For every emotion there is a song and each song there is an emotion.

After a very successful tour with her ??new one-women show “Simone Songbook early 2011 Simone performed for a number of weeks in the DeLaMar Theatre.


Simone Kleinsma
Rolf Koster
Gino Emnes

Band led by Mike Schäperclaus


Simone Kleinsma
Guus Verstraete
André Breedland
Maurice Wijnen
Paul Eenens
Mike Schäperclaus
Daan Wijnands


Director: Guus Verstraete
Staging: Daan Wijnands
Producer: Stage Entertainment

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