Opening night: October 26th 2012  Rabotheater, Hengelo
sing together, save together, cry together


Schraap, by Theatregroup Bloody Mary, is a musical comedy about an ideological misers commune threatened with deportation. The harmony in the peaceful, largely dominated by women, community quickly comes under pressure, especially when suddenly a new male member enters. The increasingly extreme precepts, the growing mutual mistrust and the threat of eviction finally lead to a highly explosive atmosphere.

Schraap is about the extremely difficult boundary between acceptable efficiency and unheard stinginess, and about not to eradicate human desire for love and recognition.


Ricky Koole
Lies Visschedijk
Rop Verheijen
Ilse Warringa


Direction & Text: Marije Gubbels
Composer, singing & music: Daniël Hamburger
Design: Theo TienHooven
Costumes: Dieuweke of Reij
Dramaturgy: Steven Peters
Lighting design: Egbert Mellema
Technique: Muss BV
Assistance Director: Rianne Rijnja
Staging: Daan Wijnands
Business management and publicity: Karin van den Berg
Produced by: Theatregroup Bloody Mary

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