First Broadcast: 24 November 2016 KRO-NCRV, NPO 1


Petticoat is a 8-episode Dutch drama-series based on the dutch musical “Petticoat”

Patricia Jagersma, who calls herself Pattie Hunt, dreams of being the Dutch Doris Day, despite the discouragement of her immediate environment. Petticoat is the humorous story of a girl from the country that likes to dream away her (fantasy) future but actually takes the plunge and pursues her dream. Pattie must by trial and error finally discover how the “headwinds” may be defied. Because no matter how you make your dreams come true, you should keep listening to your own heart. A musical with humor and emotion, the major differences between the province and the city and the eternal dilemma of parents letting their children go.


Abbey Hoes, Hajo Bruins, Anneke Blok (als tante Gerda), Freek Bartels (als Maurice), Marlijn Weerdenburg (als Mimi), Alex Hendrickx (als Peter), Kay Greidanus (als Willem), Jason de Ridder (als Rogier) en Martijn Fischer (als Fred)

Scenario – Paula van der Oest en Inge Hardeman
Direction – Pim van Hoeve en Thomas Korthals Altes
Choreography/Staging – Daan Wijnands
Assistant choreographer – Eline Vroon
Producers – Medialane & Kemna en Zonen

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