Oh Baby

Opening night Oh Baby: 30 October 2017 Pathé Tushinski, Amsterdam


Lyricist Ruben (Gijs Naber) does not take life too seriously and love never at all. When after the unexpected death of a flirt, he appears to be the father of her eight-month-old son. And Ruben has to take care of baby Oscar without any preparationar. As if that is not complicated enough, his new sister-in-law, Lucy (Hanna van Vliet), decides to take care of her nephew as-well … even with  with Ruben if necessary.


Gijs Naber, Hanna van Vliet, Eric van Sauers, Renée Fokker, Liz Snoijink, Sanne Vogel e.a

Director:  Thomas Acda
Screenplay: Nienke Römer
Camera: Tom Erisman
Film Editing: Robin de Jong
Choreography: Daan Wijnands
Producer: Kees Abrahams, Edvard van ’t Wout
Distributor: Entertainment One Benelux
Sales: 2CFILM


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