Moeder ik wil bij de Revue

Opening night: 21 September 2014 Beatrix Theater, Utrecht

For this production Daan received a Musical Award Nomination: Best Choreography.


… ” This show is so special mainly because of the big show and dance numbers. Performed by a great ensemble of singers and dancers. Choreographed by Daan Wijnands who connects tradition with innovation. He delivers some spectacular scenes, such as “Nikkelen Nelis”,  a fabulous choreography of organ-dolls “… (Volkskrant – Hein Janssen).

… “With imaginative and often authentic-looking choreographies by Daan Wijnands.” … (NRC – Henk van Gelder)

… “With terribly clever choreographies by Daan Wijnands and beautiful costume by Cocky van Huijkelom, particularly in a stunning  barrel organ-ballet.” … (Dagblad van het Noorden – Jacques d’Ancona)

… “The revived organ-choreography “Nikkelen Nelis” is even breathtaking.” … (AD)

… “The show numbers are spectacular.” … (Elsevier – Gerry van der List)


A traditional Dutch musical with humor on stage and drama behind the scenes of the grand revue in the 1950’s. The most beautiful Dutch songs of the past (including Wim Sonneveld, Gerard Cox and Frans Halsema) together with Simone Kleinsma and Jon Eerd are the perfect ingredients for a guaranteed delightful nostalgic night out. “Moeder ik wil bij de Revue” is from September exclusively seen in the Beatrix Theater Utrecht. “Moeder ik wil bij de Revue” is set in the 50s in the Netherlands. It tells the story of John and Riet Hogendoorn, a famous duo who can’t live with or without eachother. Bob, son of a coal merchant, unexpectedly joins the revue and and from that moment everything changes.

For this production Daan was nominated for a Musical Award: for Best Choreography / Musical Staging.


Simone Kleinsma – Riet Hogendoorn
Jon van Eerd – John Hogendoorn
Terence van der Loo – Bob Somers
Christanne de Bruijn – Jeanne van Woerkom
Raymonde de Kuyper – Aagje van Woerkom
Hugo Haenen – Gerrit van Woerkom
Arie Kant – Jacob Somers
Fenneke Dam – Ida Somers
Robbert van den Bergh – Arnold
Roos van Erkel – Diny
Ger Otten – KRO Directeur / understudy John – Gerrit – Jacob
Marloes van den Heuvel – alternate Aagje, 1e understudy Riet


Esther van Boxtel, Willemijn de Vries, Lysanne van der Sijs, Jente Slebioda, Margriet Middel, Laurie van Iersel, Cher Koper, Martijn van Voskuijlen, Roman van der Werff, Marcel Visscher, Dieter Spileers, Babette Ploegman, Marleen de Vries, Mathijs Pater, Robin van den Akker, Sjoerd Hermens, Saskia Asseler and Emily van Tongeren.


Mark Kuypers – Musical director / keyboard 1
Mascha Hoogendoorn – flute, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone
Jean Pierre Grannetia – trumpet, flugelhorn
Ruud Gompel – bass guitar / bass
Sybolt Kamstra -drums / percussion
Hilde Stolker – 2 keyboard
Ben Schultz – trombone / tuba
Jack Heitzer – guitar / banjo


Script & Additionel lyrics – André Breedland
Story Editing – André Breedland & Maurice Wines
Direction- Carline Brouwer
Choreography – Daan Wijnands
Assistant Choreographer – Eline Vroon
Musical Supervision and Arrangements – Michael Reed
Arrangements –  Roy Moore & Michael Reed
Decor & Scenic Picture – Carla Janssen Höfelt
Costume – Cocky of Huijkelom
Lighting Design – Andy Voller
Visual direction and content by Guus Verstraete & Ad de Haan
Sound Design – Gareth Owen
Wigs & Make-up Design – Harold Mertens & Pilo Pilkes
Casting – Fons van Kraaij
Musical Director – Mark Kuypers
Technical Supervision – Ed Wielstra
Executive Producer – Miel Gouda
Productionally Director – Barbara Wittebol
Creative Director – Maurice Wines
Producer – Joop van den Ende & Tanja Dik
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