Opening Night Hamlet: 27 December 2018 Schouwburg, Rotterdam

Story of Hamlet

A Dutch pantomime-musical based on the story of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

It is not really going well for the adolescent Danish prince Hamlet. He loses his dad, his uncle marries his mother, his girlfriend Ophelia does not understand him anymore and some of his friends can not be trusted anymore. Add to that a nightly visit of a ghost appearance and you have a young prince who faces a big challenge.


Mattias Van de Vijver, Sofie Porro, Wart Kamps, Dick van den Toorn, Han Oldigs, Ali Ben Horsting, Erwin Dörr, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Abdelkarim el Baz


Direction: Pieter Kramer
Script: Don Duyns
Lyrics: Alex Klaasen
Choreografy: Daan Wijnands
Musical supervision: Boudewijn Ruigrok
Assistant director: Esther Habbema
Dramaturgy: Dirkje Houtman
Set design: Niek Kortekaas
Costume design: Sabine Snijders
Hair & Make-up: Cynthia van der Linden

Producer: Theater Rotterdam


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