Disney Musical Sing-a-Long

Opening night: October  18, 2009 Theaterfabriek, Amsterdam


Disney’s Musical Sing-a-Long is a theatrical concert with humor and short stories. It is a compilation of the greatest hits of Disney. It is a feast of recognition for young and old with well known songs and the lyrics being projected on a screen to make it easy to sing a long..


Chantal Janzen
Stanley Burleson
Jamai Loman
Casey Francisco


Director – Stanley Burleson
Musical Director – Mike Schäperclaus
Choreography – Daan Wijnands
Composition – Maurice Wijnen / Stanley Burleson
Costume Design – Cocky van Huijkelom
Lighting Design – Henk-Jan van Beek
Sound Design – Jeroen ten Brinke
Set Design – Misjel Vermeiren / Carla Janssen Höfelt
Technical supervision – Henk van Gilpen
Associate producer – Franck van der Hooft
Executive Producer – Willem Metz
Producers – Stage Entertainment

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