De Marathon

Opening night De Marathon: 19 March 2017 Nieuwe Luxor, Rotterdam

For this production Daan received a Musical Award: Best Choreography.


… “imaginative choreographies of Daan Wijnands…”
… “A stunning choreography with crush barriers on wheels …” (NRC – Henk van Gelder)

… “Daan Wijnands. He has created a special choreography for this cast …”
… especially his creation on the teadmills are very original … “ (METRO – Erik Jonk)

… “clever choreography of Daan Wijnands …” (Dagblad van het Noorden – Jacques d’Ancona)

… “with a hilarious choreography on treadmills …” (Het Parool – Madeleine Rood)

… “a playful choreography with men singing on treadmills is the highlight of the performance …” (Theaterkrant – Sanne Thierens)

…”The use of treadmills, on which the actors dance, is inventive and the choreography’s of Daan Wijnands are hilarious …. “(8 – Jorien Hollaar)

Story of De Marathon

Four mechanics from Rotterdam, Gerard, Nico, Kees and Leo lived their lives on beer, fastfood and cigarettes. When Gerard’s garage is on the edge of bankruptcy , the men come up with a luminous idea to find a sponsor and run the marathon. 42 kilometers and with a total lack of physical condition.  Will they make it? Led by their colleague Youssef, a former marathon runner, the training starts to rescue their partner’s garage. But there is more at stake than reaching the finish.
A moving story about humor, friendship, and love.


John Buijsman, Michiel Nooter, Kees Boot, Dennis Willekens, Gürkan Küçüksentürk, Jelka van Houten, Lucretia van der Vloot, Jip Smit, , Roosmarijn Luyten, Maaike Martens, Terence van der Loo, Robbert van den Bergh, Dook van Dijck, Thomas Hengeveld, Remco Sietsema en Ruth Sahertian


Arthur Postma, David Middelhoff, Richard Veltman, Menno Theunissen, Jeroen Dur, Randy Klover, Thomas Hengeveld en Remco Sietsema


Direction & Script:  Job Gosschalk
Music & Lyrics: Thomas Acda & David Middelhoff
Choreography: Daan Wijnands
Script advice: Martin van Waardenberg & Gerard Meuldijk
Script & co-direction: Elzelien Peters
Assistant choreographer: Eline Vroon
Arrangements: Melcher Meirmans / RecSound
Set design: Matthijs van Cruijssen
Light design: Marc Heinz
Sound design: Peter Velthuijzen
Costumes: Joris van Veldhoven
Wigs: Marjon Hoogendoorn
Casting: Marc van Bree

Producers: More Theater Producties
Partner: Luxor Theater


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