Come From Away

Opening night Come From Away: 18 november 2021 Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam

For this production Daan received a Musical Award Nomination: Best Choreography.

Review Quotes

“The choreography of Daan Wijnands is very strong due to subtle, simultaneous small gestures and larger movements that keep the stage image continuously dynamic.” (Trouw – Bianca Bartels)

“The choreographies are powerful movement sequences, in which hand gestures are used beautifully.” (NRC – Elisabeth Oosterling)

“… ingenious transitions and exciting choreographies…” (Volkskrant – Hein Janssen)

“… playful choreographies…” (Telegraaf – Esther Kleuver)

“Daan Wijnands’ choreography is once again… brilliant. In particular, the scenes in the “plane” are wittily staged. Within his staging there are actually smart finds.” (Theater paradise – Chantal Kunst)

“… fine choreographies.” (Scenes – Jos Schuring)


Come From Away

Discover the remarkable true story of a small town that welcomed the world.

Come From Away shares the incredible real-life story of the 7,000 air passengers from all over the world who were grounded in Canada during the wake of 9/11, and the small
Newfoundland community that invited these ‘come from aways’ into their lives.

As uneasiness turned into trust and music soared into the night, gratitude grew into friendships and their stories became a celebration of hope, humanity and unity.


Willemijn Verkaik – Beverley Bass
Ad Knippels – Nick Marson
Rosalie de Jong – Diane Grey
Wim van den Driessche – Claude Elliott
Robbert van den Bergh – Oz Fudge
Joanne Telesford: Hannah O’Rourke
Marleen van der Loo – Beulah Davis
Steven Roox – Kevin Tuerff
Frank Van Hengel – Kevin Jung / Ali
Lieke van den Broek – Bonnie Harris
Willemijn van Holt – Janice Mosher
Qshans Thobe – Bob 
Janis van Dorsselaer – cover Beverley & Janice
Suzanne de Heij – cover Hannah & Diane
Miriam Venema – cover Beulah & Bonnie
Dieter Spileers – cover Kevin T. & Nick / Dance Captain
Diederik Rep – cover Claude & Oz / Resident Director
Silencio Pinas – cover Bob & Kevin J. / Ali
Jennifer van Brenk – cover Hannah & Diane


Irene Sankoff & David Hein

Direction – Antoine Uitdehaag
Choreography & Staging – Daan Wijnands
Translation – Danny Westerweel
Orchestration – August Eriksmoen
Arrangements – Ian Eisendrath
Musical supervisor – Jeroen Sleyfer
Set design – Roos Veenkamp
Costume design – Sanne Oostervink
Hair & make-up – Sanne Oostervink & Michel van Oostveen
Light design – Bart van den Heuvel
Sound design – Maarten Houdijk
Musical director – Rosite van der Woude
Productioncoördinator – Lisanne de Snoo
Company Manager – Sophie Bullock
Technical Manager – Mischa Pet
Executive producer – Niels Dijkhoff
Creative Consultant – Paul Eenens
Creative Director – Maurice Wijnen
Producer – Iris van den Ende & Miel Gouda


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