Bagdad Café

Opening: June 8 2013 Theatre de Appel, The Hague


Jasmin goes her own way. She leaves her husband and arrives with her large suitcase in Bagdad Cafe. A small motel in the desert run by Brenda. A truckers motel and cafe where regulars and strangers are looking for a cup of coffee, a hot meal or a bed. Brenda finds Jasmin, the new German woman, a strange creature who she can’t figure out. Jasmin wonders around a bit in a world that she does not understand. Gradually, the curiosity prevails and begins a hilarious and immovable friendship between two extraordinary women.


David Geysen
Aus Greidanus Jr.
Trudi Klever
Naomi van der Linden
Judith Linssen
Hugo Maerten
Bob Schwarze


Direction: Saskia Mees
Musical direction and sound design: Carl Beukman
Staging: Daan Wijnands
Piano: Frank van Bommel
Dramaturgy: Alain Pringels
Costumes: Lucinda Bolts
Decor: Anne Loes van Assem
Light: Henry van Niel
Magic Coach: Dan le Fay

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