All Stars

Opening Night All Stars: 14 October 2018 Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam

For this production Daan received a Musical Award: Best Choreography.


“… the choreographies of Daan Wijnands, football to dance form, are masterful.” (NRC – Elisabeth Oosterling)

“The masterpiece, however, comes from Daan Wijnands, the choreographer, what he does with the players is of a unprecedented beauty, daring and style.” (Dagblad van het Noorden – Jacques D’Ancona)

“… the choreography of Daan Wijnands and Thomas Rupert’s simple but effective set design are other plus points.”
“All Stars, the musical starts spectacularly with a great dance of the entire ensemble behind a half-open screen, and at the end a football match is beautifully represented as a classical ballet, then fantasy and theatricality get a chance …” (Volkskrant) – Hein Janssen)

“But fortunately there are both the beautiful and hilarious choreographies by Daan Wijnands.” (Telegraph – Esther Kleuver)

“The choreographies of Daan Wijnands also stand out, as in De Marathon the musical, he is able to present energetic dances with fairly simple, everyday movements, which makes the warm-up for football a stirring piece with lots of footsteps that almost resembles tap dance” (Theaterkrant – Sanne Thierens)

“…the choreography/staging by the talented Daan Wijnands is a joy to watch. Fun, and perfectly in style with the theme of the show.” (

Story All Stars

A feel-good musical about friendship, growing up, stubborn women and sticking to carefree football hours on Sunday mornings.
Based on the Dutch movie and TV series All Stars.


Jim Bakkum, Levi van Kempen, Kees Boot, Urvin Monte, Lucas Hamming, Bart van den Donker, Jasper Demollin, Alex Hendrickx, Mike Weerts, Sarah Janneh, Whitney Sawyer, Ruth Sahertian, Kiki van Deursen, Wolter Weulink, Theo Martijn Wever, Sabine van Kuipers, Remco Sietsema.


Menno Theunissen, Richard Veltman, Angelo Toorré, Jurgen Burdorf, Jeroen Dur, Remco Sietsema.


Direction: Frank Lammers
Music & Lyrics: Thomas Acda & David Middelhoff
Choreography / staging: Daan Wijnands
Script: Elzelien Peters & Jop Esmeijer
Artistic supervision: Jean van de Velde
Arrangements: Melcher Meirmans
Set design: Thomas Ruppert & Roos Veenkamp
Light design: Marc Heinz
Sound design: Peter Velthuijzen
Costume design: Fleur van Ledden Hulsebosch
Resident: Nick Fleuren
Assistent Choreographer: Eline Vroon

Producer: More Theater Producties
Partner: Nieuwe Luxor Theater