aan het einde van de Regenboog

Opening night: 4 February 2007, Rotterdam.


It’s December 1968 and Judy Garland is poised to make a triumphant comeback… again. The drama unfolds in a London hotel room as she prepares for a series of concerts at the famed Talk of the Town nightclub. Alongside her young fiancé and trusted pianist, Garland—with her signature cocktail of talent, tenacity and razor-sharp wit—takes on her most challenging role ever: herself.


Simone Kleinsma – Judy Garland
Paul de Leeuw – Anthony
Kees Boot – Mickey Deans

Band: Kino Haitsma, Bart van Hoof, Pim Dros, Boudewijn Groenhuijzen


Book: Peter Quilter
Director: Paul Eenens
Staging: Daan Wijnands
Costume Design: Yan Tax
Set Design: Misjel Vermeiren, Carla Janssen Höfelt
Lighting Design: Uri Rapaport
Casting/Artistic supervision: Carline Brouwer
Executive Producer: Margreet Wieringa
Producer: Stage Entertainment

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