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14 de musical

“Choreographer Daan Wijnands‘ part is also cool: these are not slick show ballets, but tight, angular choreographies.” (Volkskrant – Hein Janssen)

“The choreography by Daan Wijnands, who beautifully mixes modern dance and football with jumps and slides.” (Trouw – Bianca Bartels)

“…impressive choreographies by Daan Wijnands.” (Telegraaf – Esther Kleuver)


Hello, Doly!

“… the energetic ensemble numbers, which were set up in grand style by choreographer Daan Wijnands, show a Broadway feeling on the stage which you rarely see in Dutch theaters.

“This performance is particularly surprising in a number of large dance scenes – the choreography is by Daan Wijnands.” (Volkskrant – Joris Henquet)

“Choreographer Daan Wijnands is pushing his dancers to Olympic heights.” (Parool / AD – Patrick van den Hanenberg)

“… The ensemble numbers are of such a high level that, thanks to choreographer Daan Wijnands, they are a pleasure to watch.” (Telegraph – Esther Kleuver)

“A huge ensemble sings and dances at the highest level in imaginative, acrobatic choreographies by Daan Wijnands.” (Trouw – Bianca Bartels)

“… A beautiful top-class ballet craftsmanship. A moment of grace for Daan Wijnands, who again manifests himself as an extremely inventive choreographer. ” (Newspaper of the North – Jacques d’Acona)


All Stars

“… the choreographies of Daan Wijnands, football to dance form, are masterful.” (NRC – Elisabeth Oosterling)

“The masterpiece, however, comes from Daan Wijnands, the choreographer, what he does with the players is of a unprecedented beauty, daring and style.” (Dagblad van het Noorden – Jacques D’Ancona)

“… the choreography of Daan Wijnands and Thomas Rupert’s simple but effective set design are other plus points.”
“All Stars, the musical starts spectacularly with a great dance of the entire ensemble behind a half-open screen, and at the end a football match is beautifully represented as a classical ballet, then fantasy and theatricality get a chance …” (Volkskrant) – Hein Janssen)

“But fortunately there are both the beautiful and hilarious choreographies by Daan Wijnands.” (Telegraph – Esther Kleuver)

“The choreographies of Daan Wijnands also stand out, as in De Marathon the musical, he is able to present energetic dances with fairly simple, everyday movements, which makes the warm-up for football a stirring piece with lots of footsteps that almost resembles tap dance” (Theaterkrant – Sanne Thierens)

“…the choreography/staging by the talented Daan Wijnands is a joy to watch. Fun, and perfectly in style with the theme of the show.” (


De Marathon

… “imaginative choreographies of Daan Wijnands…”
… “A stunning choreography with crush barriers on wheels …” (NRC – Henk van Gelder)

… “Daan Wijnands. He has created a special choreography for this cast …”
… especially his creation on the teadmills are very original … “ (METRO – Erik Jonk)

… “clever choreography of Daan Wijnands …” (Dagblad van het Noorden – Jacques d’Ancona)

… “with a hilarious choreography on treadmills …” (Het Parool – Madeleine Rood)

… “a playful choreography with men singing on treadmills is the highlight of the performance …” (Theaterkrant – Sanne Thierens)


Moeder, ik wil bij de Revue

… ” This show is so special mainly because of the big show and dance numbers. Performed by a great ensemble of singers and dancers. Choreographed by Daan Wijnands who connects tradition with innovation. He delivers some spectacular scenes, such as “Nikkelen Nelis”,  a fabulous choreography of organ-dolls “… (Volkskrant – Hein Janssen).

… “With imaginative and often authentic-looking choreographies by Daan Wijnands.” … (NRC – Henk van Gelder)

… “With terribly clever choreographies by Daan Wijnands and beautiful costume by Cocky van Huijkelom, particularly in a stunning  barrel organ-ballet.” … (Dagblad van het Noorden – Jacques d’Ancona)

… “The revived organ-choreography “Nikkelen Nelis” is even breathtaking.” … (AD)

… “The show numbers are spectacular.” … (Elsevier – Gerry van der List)



…” imaginative staged by choreographer Daan Wijnands.…”  (NRC – Henk van Gelder)


Next to Normal

… “On top of that the choreography by Daan Wijnands, who gives the daily activities of the family panache, is meaningful and emphasizes their relationship.” … (Vrij Nederland – Martijn van der Jagt)



… “There is hardly a show to remember in which direction, choreography and music are so beautifully braided together. Each movement is an excellent musical-choreography in which the storytelling moves along”… (Volkskrant – Patrick van den Hanenberg).

… “Thanks to the great choreography by Daan Wijnands.” … (Das Musical Magazin – Linda English)


Spring Awakening

… “With its sparkling inventive choreographer Daan Wijnands, “Spring Awakening”  is a genuinely compelling, open show.” … (Dagblad van het Noorden – Jacques d’Ancona)


Putting it Together

… “The musical staging by Daan Wijnands gives the evening that little extra and makes it completely entertaining.” … (Das Musical Magazine – Leon Vosters)


Grand Hotel

… “The ensemble sounds impressive and performs outstanding the clever choreography by Daan Wijnands .” … (Theater Newspaper – Bob Bronshoff)


Sunset Boulevard

… “Even in the innovative choreographies, that are danced by the ensemble, they each have their own character.” … (Volkskrant – Henk van Gelder)


Hij Gelooft in Mij

… “In the gloomy light Daan Wijnands provides, with his staging, wonderful stillness,” … (Dagblad van het Noorden – Jacques d’Ancona



… “The choreography by Daan Wijnands is a joy to watch.” … (The Limburger – Marlous Flier)

… “Daan Wijnands, recently awarded with the Dutch Musical Award, provides an inventive Trolls and Elves choreography.” … (Metro – Erik Jonk)

… “Let maar niet op mij” is a cheerful showstopper …” (De Standaard – Johan Depaepe)